Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ho-hum Businesses with Exciting Social Marketing Strategies

Some businesses are, by definition, exciting. Perhaps you deal with innovative gadgets, work on something related to high fashion, entertainment, or even sports. The gaming industry is also one of the “sexier” industries, especially since it mixes a billion dollar industry with passionate fans and alluring games. But there are businesses that are simply boring the first time you even hear about them. It can’t be helped, because it’s the nature of the beast. But some companies have managed to elevate their boring reputations into something more, shall we say, exhilarating—through social networking and social media. Here are some significant examples:

Exciting Marketing Example 1 – CBRE

1. CBRE is a B2B company that focuses on real estate and investments, and for most people this can be one of the driest topics in the universe. Yet CBRE manages to attract a lot of attention on Instagram. This platform is supposed to be for B2C companies with lots of flashy products. Yet CBRE managed to break the rules and succeed. They didn’t use traditional promotional tactics usually done by other companies on Instagram. Instead they focused on the art, technology, and science behind famous and iconic buildings and structures. They offered truly interesting content, because they provided educational and historic tidbits beloved by all trivia collectors and serious architectural fans. This company is already a success, and there was no urgent need to use social media to boost its profits. But they had the foresight to realize that they can’t rest on their laurels even if they are the leading business in their sector. Their competitors can use social media to keep up, so CBRE preempted them by using Instagram to maintain and consolidate their lead.

Exciting Marketing Example 2 – Maersk Line

2. Maersk Line. How the heck can a container shipping company generate so much social interest online? It’s just a shipping company! But with the right presentation, Maersk Line have become heads and shoulders above the rest. The pictures of their ships are stunning and high quality. But that’s not all. They even offer virtual tours of their various ships. They have useful and interesting articles, they offer life story articles for their most fascinating employees, and they even organize contests. One contest had people submitting ideas on how to reuse an old shipping container. The winners include having the used container turned into a modern bus station and bike parking. It would even have a couple of wall phones and a defibrillator (just in case)! Another winner suggested using it in playgrounds for soccer and for cover when it rains or when the sun is too bright. The third winner proposed turning it into a coastguard tower for beaches. The contest generated lots of interest, and the submissions included graphics as well.

Exciting Marketing Example 3 – H & R Block

3. H & R Block. Who likes talking about taxes? Even accountants find it a rather boring topic. But H & R Block has a Facebook page with – get this – 380,000 fans. Each of their posts average more than 500 engagements. These folks certainly know how to make the topic fun. For example, for Valentine’s Day they offered an Internal Romance Service to help people buy appropriate gifts. This post garnered more than 3,000 likes and nearly 5,000 engagements.

So don’t say that your business is boring. Use some creativity, and you can make social networking exciting—and rewarding.

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