Saturday, September 2, 2017

Why Organic SEO is Better Than PPC

In the world of SEO, one of the hottest debates you’ll coming across is the “Organic SEO v.s. PPC” debate. There are many arguments from both sides of the fence but below we’re going to look at 7 reasons why organic SEO is better than PPC.

PPC can cost anywhere from a few dollars to $200 plus for a single click because of the competitive bidding structure. Many companies in competitive industries (such as law and credit) are willing to pay more because they have a lot to gain if they get visitors searching for certain keywords.

On the other hand, organic SEO gives you ‘free advertising’ from search engines, and for the lower costs of implementing an organic SEO strategy, you get a higher return of investment than PPC.

Less Administration Needed

PPC campaigns need constant monitoring and funding. You can get good short term results but as soon as you stop putting money into it, you can say goodbye to all the progress you made.

But say you’re already ranking well from organic SEO and stopped for a week to focus on something else, and came back later to carry on where you left off, you’ll still have a good ranking unlike if you’d done the same with a PPC campaign.

Higher Consumer Trust

PPC is a form of advertising and most people grew up distrusting advertisements. This means that no matter how helpful or relevant your company is to what users are searching for, there will always be an extra barrier keeping them from clicking on your ad versus an organic search result.

Greater Reach

A website optimized organically can rank high across multiple search engines, whereas PPC is limited to individual search engines that provide advertising services (such as Google AdWords).

So if your organic SEO is weak and you’ve chosen to advertise using Google AdWords, your ad won’t be seen by all the other traffic using Bing, Yahoo!, or other search engines.

More Relevant

Not all users are ready to read pages requiring them to take some sort of action (which is the case with many PPC ads). Organic SEO is beneficial for visitors looking for information and nothing else. If the content is relevant to them it could motivate repeat visits in the future. In this case, organic SEO wins because people have the choice to view content that doesn’t have an obvious agenda behind it.

Learning Curve

Unless a company already has experience using PPC or is willing to hire an agency to do their PPC campaign, it will be very time consuming and challenging because getting it right takes months of learning and constant experimentation. Organic SEO is less difficult to implement and is largely focused on getting your site structure and content right.

Long Term, Sustainable Results

PPC can give quick boosts in traffic from certain keywords, but when the campaign ends and your ad disappears, the people making those same searches will click on a natural search result or another ad that’s taken your spot.

A company ranking high using organic SEO is more solid and credible to online users than ads which keep changing.

There are many approaches you can take in your online marketing goals and these methods can bring massive results when used together, but if you have to choose between organic SEO and PPC, then going with the former will be the better choice for long term results.

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