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The Key Pillars of a Killer SEO Strategy

Too often we hear the myth that SEO is dead. And it could not be further from the truth. The truth is that SEO evolves. It changes over time, and you have to keep educated to make the most of your SEO strategy. But, despite how it evolves, there are certain key elements that holds true no matter what. And, to understand why “SEO is dead” is a myth, you must understand these key pillars of a killer SEO strategy.

When you think about it, search engine optimization is pretty simple to implement. If, and only if, you have the right knowledge and tools to make it work for you and understand why it is important that you do.

Paid search is only approximately 5% of online clicks. Almost 95% of website visits/click-throughs are as a result of organic search. You must therefore have a strong SEO strategy if you want to rank well online. With that said, let’s take a look at these critical tools and how they work together for your SEO strategy.

  1. Website Architecture

This key pillar relates to the technical aspects of your website. The design of your website directly affects your website’s organic visibility and performance. It’s about how well your site is structured, and designed to be crawled and indexed by search engines. Your website architecture is your foundation for a strong, optimized online presence.

  1. User Experience – Responsive Website Designs

Google is all about the user experience (UX) of visitors. UX is part of the reason why they are cracking down on sites that fail to provide a quality experience for website users. And this is most evident in the push towards mobile responsiveness.

Since 2015, mobile searches have outranked desktop, and the divergence continues to increase each year. Currently, mobile traffic stands at almost 60% of overall click-through rate for websites.

In this respect, user experience and page load speed are significant factors in optimizing your site for mobile conversions. There are no two ways about it. You need a fast and mobile-optimized website as part of a strategic SEO plan.

  1. Content

Content marketing when done right is a scalable resource to grow your business. Putting out relevant, useful content on a regular basis is necessary. Plus, your website’s static pages must offer your website visitors a reason to stay and engage with you. This not only means blog posts. It includes your services information, testimonials, and reviews, case studies, etc.

For content to work, it needs to be properly optimized for search. And this is where on-site optimization comes in – another key pillar for a workable strategy.

  1. On-Site Optimization

With a well-designed and structured website, onsite SEO optimization should be an easy part of your process. In optimizing your on-site content, make sure not to keyword stuff, or attempt to hide keywords on the page. Google’s algorithms are designed to catch these. And you will be penalized.

Other areas that you can focus on for optimization include your URLs, page titles, and meta descriptions for each page. They should be unique, target relevant keywords and written in a manner to drive clicks.

So, on an individual page level as well as your site as a whole, you need a well-developed system that is optimized for search.

  1. Authority

Building your website authority relies on off-site factors. This is based on link-building. But, unlike the practices of old, optimized link building is not a numbers game. It’s more so quality over quantity.

And this ties back to your content strategy. When you put out relevant and useful content, you will naturally generate organic linking to your site.

  1. Competitive Analysis

A good SEO strategy is nothing without knowing what is working, where, and how your competitors are doing. This not to say that you will be copying your competitors. No, what this means is identifying what they are doing, see why it’s working, and then doing something better that suits your specific business.

Strategy without analysis will leave your SEO floundering in a sea of online content and sites. Analysis, therefore, helps you to make the necessary changes to stand out in a crowded field.

Maximizing Your Use of SEO

To stand out in a sea of web content and sites, you need to understand the value of SEO and how to use it. Far from being dead, SEO is the lifeblood of the equation to being seen. As a holistic process, you need to incorporate your SEO into your general framework for success online.

Incorporating these key elements of website architecture, onsite optimization, user experience, content, and authority building in optimizing your site do seem like a no-brainer. But, you would be surprised to know how many websites have been penalized, or failed to rank highly in search engines because of simple issues that their owners cannot fix.

Plus, it could be that with the limited time owners have to focus on their business, it leaves little time to manage a strong SEO strategy. This puts them in a position where they cannot capitalize on all the good they are doing elsewhere in the business.

There is no magic formula or online silver bullet. It’s dedication and hard work to put together a website that is truly optimized for the best and ongoing optimization to stay amongst the best.

But, no matter the issues you face, you can develop a killer search engine optimization strategy that improves your business reach through organic traffic. But only when you understand (or hire someone that understands) the basic tenets of good SEO for your online presence.

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