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Building a Relationship With Your Email Subscribers

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If you want to become truly successful in your online business, you have to give extra attention to the crucial stage of building a relationship with your subscribers. Some people call this relationship marketing, trust marketing or reverse marketing. It is quite easy to acquire a big list these days but converting those subscribers into buyers is your main goal. If you want to have higher subscriber loyalty and better conversion rates, you can try the following tips and tricks in list building:

  • Conduct quality check for prices and incentives.

Don’t just send prices and incentives for the mere sake of sending something. You have to ensure that the items you will be sending your subscribers are of good quality so that they will receive the value of their time and effort. Never try to be like other online businesses that offer half-truths and give false hopes about what subscribers would get just to get them to sign-up to the list or to buy a product. The best thing that you can do is to test the quality of the products yourself and make certain that it will last long when used by your subscribers. In return, subscribers will remain loyal to you.

  • Provide quality information.

You can also have loyal subscribers if you give them good information that they can use for their own benefit. If you do that, they will find enough reason to trust your judgment and buy from you in the future when you recommend a product.

If you make yourself present when you are needed, you will be able to build a stronger relationship with your subscribers. This is one significant matter that most online business owners tend to overlook. You can actually provide information about yourself so that subscribers would feel confident in contacting you directly. But if you are not at ease giving out your contact information, you can simply make your own profile on Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking sites in order to establish an open communication line with the subscribers of your website.

  • Make your subscribers feel that they are important.

To encourage the loyalty of subscribers, you have to make them feel that they are privileged to be a member of your email list. A good way to achieve this is by giving out exclusive items like mugs, t-shirts, key holders or any other freebies just for subscribers or by just giving exclusive information that is not available anywhere else.

As long as your online business is available for them, these tips are proven to keep your subscribers’ loyalty. By doing things right, you can be assured that you will not only build a long email list but also get quality subscribers in the process.

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