Friday, January 12, 2018

Business Success Requires Taking Action

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So many businesses today fail to hit their mark online because of fear and a lack of action. If a business owner doesn’t take action, they can’t fail, right? This attitude often leads to throwing away hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in information products, software and services that sit unused or not implemented.

If you spend more time looking for that magic bullet than you do taking aim at your target, you are never going to make the kill. Don’t get me wrong, it is important to educate yourself and become knowledgeable in your field, but it is also equally important to put that knowledge to use.

Get Hands-on Marketing Experience

You will never gain the confidence and experience necessary for success without just jumping in and taking action. Mistakes are the most important learning tools a person can have. You can read all you want on a subject, but unless you find out first hand what works and what does not, you will never move forward.

I would venture to guess that at least 75% of business owners who have bought any information products on business promotion already possess the knowledge they need to have an impact on their success online. The trouble is that most of those products require you to take specific actions. It is the lack of desire to complete the tasks that is preventing success.

For those 75% of business owners, there are only three choices that will make your business successful online:

  1. Continue on as you are now. Spend more money on info products and  software. Take no action and get no results.
  2. Be committed to taking action and creating change and prosperity for your business. Actually implement the knowledge you already have and do the work.
  3. Hire someone to take action for you.

Obviously, #1 is not a desirable option, unless you really do not want to succeed. So now you need to make a decision on whether it makes sense for you to take action yourself or to pay someone with hands-on experience to do it for you.

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