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Common Mistakes of Ecommerce Stores

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Offering the same prices or not being able to buy without registering are some of the most common mistakes in ecommerce stores. Having related products can convert a single-product retail store to multi-product sales. If the head of a physical store closes his eyes and does not talk to his customers, would he sell? In online stores is equal or even more important to know what users do to know what is wrong and what works. Below I show you the nine most common mistakes that online stores make towards their users.

Offer the same prices as in the physical store

If you have an online store is to differentiate: you can not offer the same prices as in your physical store. When an online store is set up, it is necessary to separate its concept from that of the physical store, since they need different marketing strategies and, as a consequence, different prices.

Not having contact information

The contact, in addition to security and trust, offers the user a way to solve problems. So, why hide it? If this information is not provided to the user, chances are that sales and potential customers will be lost. The contact must be visible and, if possible, on all web pages, not only on the cover. If you also use a real-time response system such as Twitter to resolve any type of doubt on the part of the user, the conversions will increase exponentially.

Misleading product information

One of the things that most bothers users is not having the image of a product or the description of it. If in addition the image has nothing to do with the product, how do you intend to sell it? It is fundamental to make available to the user all those graphic elements that provide the maximum information and that can take it.

Not being able to buy without registering

One of the big mistakes of today is the record. The more difficulties the user has with a purchase, the less he will buy. You have to offer the possibility of buying without registering to see how sales increase considerably. One of the things that will increase the most will be the conversion.

Does not have product search engine or that this works badly

Many users navigate with the pre-established idea of ​​buying a specific product but, if they do not have a search engine to locate it, after 20 seconds they will abandon the page, possibly towards the competition.

Few product images

Another aspect that affects considering online commerce are returns. Most of them are due to the fact that the user has not been able to view the product correctly due to lack of images. It is not enough to have one: the more visual information you have about the product, the less doubt the user will have and more refunds can be avoided.

Does not include related products

Having related products can convert a single-product retail store to multi-product sales. You have to offer interesting related products throughout the purchase, on the product page and later, remembering it in the purchase process. It is important to keep in mind that if you offer related products you do not have to automate this process. You have to measure, analyze and relate the products by hand, with data on the table.

Does not include shipping information throughout the entire purchase process

To save a good percentage of dropouts, it is advisable to add approximate shipping costs on all the pages. Many users choose not to finalize the purchase to find in the last step of confirmation that the product costs $ 10 or $ 20 more than expected.

Does not respond to users

A comment system or contact form does not exist to decorate a page nor is it because the competition also has it. Customers expect feedback and the more time they spend, the more they will earn. The key is to differentiate yourself from competitors and offer real customer service. Want more sales for your online store? Contact Bobs SEO for complimentary consult.

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