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How To Write Better Articles

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Article marketing is still one of the most effective ways to bring traffic to your website. The reason it works so well is twofold.

Firstly, if you create well-written articles that are enjoyable to read, your readers will want to find out more about the topic or about the author (you) and will follow the link in the author bio to your website.

Secondly, the best article directories are considered high quality sites and every article you submit to them will generate another high quality backlink to your website. If you know anything about SEO, you will know that inbound links to your site have a big impact on your search engine positioning.

The key to good article marketing is in the writing. I like to follow the 4 “I”s when writing articles. They are:

  • Interesting
  • Informative
  • Intelligent
  • Inviting

The first goes without saying. A boring article will make the reader lose interest and they will not read more than the first paragraph, if you are lucky. They certainly will not read all the way down to your author bio!

The second, your article should deliver information that the reader will find useful. Remember that you are doing article marketing, or creating content, with one goal in mind; you either want the reader to visit your website, buy a product, gain credibility in your market or all of the above. The more valuable the information in your article is, the more chance you have of having the reader take the desired action.

Intelligent: You do not need to be a literary genius, but you do need to be able to write in proper English (or whatever language you are writing in). This means correct spelling and grammar. If spelling is not your strong suit, then you must use a software with spell check. Another good idea is to have someone else proof read your work before you publish it. This is particularly important if English is not your native language.

Lastly, you must learn to invite your readers to visit your website to learn more. You can do this in your author bio or credits. Suppose you are writing an article with a list of 5 tips on a subject. You could end it with a bio saying “I have discussed 5 ways to…., there is much more to learn. Visit my website for more information.” or something to that effect. By ending your article with an invitation, you are giving the reader a clear call to action and a source for more information on the topic. You will find you have a better click through rate if you use this conclusion to all of your articles.

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