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SEO That You Should Avoid

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Many new marketers and Webmasters are not really aware of how exactly SEO works. If you want to get free targeted traffic to your site then you must understand SEO. Nowadays, the majority of the people online use search engines for finding information and products they want to buy. By ignoring search engine traffic you are missing out on thousands of prospects that you could sell to or build a list with. With the knowledge that you will get more traffic the higher you rank on the first page should be enough of a reason to learn SEO. If you are new to SEO or have been taught wrong then this article will be a life savior because it teaches you what to avoid. Stick with us and you will be performing powerful SEO techniques that will still have you ranking, even after Google routinely updates it’s search engine.

Before you start, you should grab a copy of Market Samurai or another proven keyword research tool. The first mistake many webmasters tend to make when trying SEO is they stuff their content with too many vague keywords. Yes, keywords happen to be an important element of SEO, but if you go on and stuff a high number of keywords in your content, then it will only get you into trouble with the search engines as they will penalize your website for spamming. This will cause your website to decline in the rankings and that also means you will achieve fewer visitors to your site. It’s also not appealing to your visitors because they only like sites that make sense and are helpful.

The second big mistake is internally linking your pages wrong. Your internal linking structure is one more of the few SEO factors that you completely control. A good linking strategy makes your site easier to brows and the search engines love it and will give your site a higher ranking. Instead of focusing on sending your visitors away you should concentrate on linking all of your related pages together in a logical fashion. This is an under applied SEO method that is proven to produce results. If you want your new pages to get indexed fast then this is the way to go. A perfect example of a good internal linking structure is Wikipedia; notice how they have all of these links that send you to a page with a similar topic?  For an online dating tips site, that means you need to have relevant articles, like Match vs eHarmony.

Just remember that ethics is something you always want to use with SEO. You will find that companies offering SEO services are all over the place these days. You’ll only want to use the companies that use whitehat SEO methods, and stay away from the companies that don’t. You won’t even know what hit your site until you’re de-indexed. That is why it’s important only to hire that company or those people that work within ethics and also those people that will update you constantly on how your site is doing. Nothing should ever be hidden from you when it comes to them.

Search engine optimization is a brilliant way to drive free traffic to your website and can give you great long term results. And if you put in the extra effort to master SEO; you will be able to dominate niches and make a killing online. Just a little patience, that’s all. Remember, it’s all about keyword research, and sticking with what the search engines want to see.  If you are ready to get started with SEO, you can also read this guide on Link wheels.

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