Monday, January 29, 2018

Starting an Online Business

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Are you an entrepreneur trying to start up an online venture on a budget?
Or maybe you already have an online business and need advice and resources to help push it to the next level?

Well, at Bobs SEO can help you!.. Because we’re not just graphic designers,
we are entrepreneurs who have set up and ran a number of (both successful and unsuccessful)
online businesses over the last 20 years. Now we are going to take all that we have learned of ‘what to do’ and
sometimes more importantly ‘what not to do’ to make your business succeed online without breaking your budget.

Starting out online

Having an online business means having a product or service to sell and having a website to sell it from, right?
WRONG! If only online business was that simple.
You could have the greatest product and the most high tech website, but if no one knows about your site
that’s all you have- a product and a website. It’s not really a business if no one buys from it, is it?

Getting your services known.

So advertising must be the answer?
Yes and no. Of course you will need to advertise, but it doesn’t mean you will have to spend tons of money doing it.
Advertising simply means ‘ to call attention to’, and you can call attention to your site without breaking your budget.
It’s even possible to do it for free, be it by blogs, forums or other means.
We learnt this the hard way, and now we are going to share our knowledge with you.
We find our joy and success in giving other entrepreneurs affordable web design solutions and helping you succeed online.

So now what?

If you have a product or service you want to sell, and a passion for making your business work,
then we can help set you on the right path to becoming successful online.
At Bobs SEO you will find tips and advice for starting an online business, as well as a wealth of tutorials
and resources to help kick start your online success.

Just remember this important rule:
“Unless you win the lottery there is no such thing as ‘get rich quick’ (and even that’s debatable!).
A real business takes dedication and effort to set it into motion.
And don’t forget to add a little ‘hip’:
Integrity and

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