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Common Linkbuilding Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

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When link building is carried out correctly, it yields extremely useful and positive results. However, the process of carrying out an effective link building campaign could be labouring and sometimes near impossible thus it is important that when using an SEO technique that involves placing back-links on Websites, mistakes are rare or very minimal. Rather than approaching the task carelessly, time should be taken to take care of background work such as research and competitive analysis so as not to waste time and money.

Firstly, you must ensure that you identify relevant Websites, that are related to your product or services, to place your links. Furthermore, it is important to carefully choose the anchor text to use so that they are related to your keywords rather than generalised terms such as click here and buy it now. While there is very little emphasis on the importance of using the right anchor text, it is a valid point that must not be overlooked.

Furthermore, avoid placing your links on black-listed Websites. There are quite a few of these doing rounds today and every single one of them must be avoided. It follows a simple logic – Websites that possess tarnished reputations are absolutely useless both to you and more importantly to search engines which are likely to assume that you are endorsing such sites.

Last but not least, try as much as possible to use sites with high page-ranks or that possess the ability to be ranked higher by search engines. This is because the page-rank  is a measure of the strength of a Website and the higher the rank, the higher it is rated by search engines such as Google. While a newly created page will automatically be awarded a PR of 0, it has the potential of eventually reaching the same heights as the site’s homepage thus you do not have to write-off Websites at first glance. Overall, there is no substitute for carrying out a good research and inspecting links that appear on your site when it comes to avoiding common link building mistakes.

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