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Tips For Better Converting Adwords Ads

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People type in words to search, and those ‘keywords’ are the vehicles that will bring your ads and site to them. Therefore, all of your AdWords ad copy really should make good use of the particular keywords relevant for that ad group. You can’t write your ad copy without really caring about your primary keyword. Hopefully when your ad pops up in search, then the keywords will be bold, and that may help with attracting attention.

Placing Your Keywords

Your keyword should be in the main title of the ad and as well as the body of it. If your current results are lacklustre, then what you need to do is troubleshoot the problem. Creativity is indeed an important part when it comes to creating compelling copy, but it’s not the only thing. Besides that, adding too much of creativity might kill the purpose of your ad.

Making Creative Ads

You first need to capture attention with your headline, and you only have 25 characters to do that with. Don’t be afraid to split test headlines using keywords in them and omitting them. Either way, the only way you will find out for sure is with testing in a real campaign. People bring their preferences with them when they search, and you may find a split between with and without the keyword in the headline. If there is a specific word that is not common, then including that in the headline could make a difference.

Using Relevant Ads

Also, the keywords will help you with ensuring your ads have a higher amount of relevancy, so that is something to always remember. Your CTR will depend on more things, but increased relevancy will only help your quality score be higher. Never have extraneous words in your ads because they do not contribute effectively. Cut out all those words that can be left out without damaging the ad in meaning or appearance. It is so imperative that everything is clear about what you want to say. The main reason this is so important just has to do with what you have to work with – not much room! So make those ads tight.

Adding Story Components

You actually can add story components to your ads to make them more compelling. We’ll explain how you do this because we know you’re scratching your head. What you do is find a way to appeal to their sense of empathy or sympathy for something. You can actually get quite a reaction from your readers, and see what happens.

Writing powerful AdWords ads is not hard to do, but you need to know how to do PPC advertising, and then you can work on your ads.

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