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3 Great Ways To Go About Customer Acquisition Marketing

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Customer acquisition is an integral part of every company’s marketing strategy, as it is interwoven directly to the growth of a brand and a business. After so many digital revolutions have taken place, it’s no wonder how consumer expectation has almost reached the sky. Such expectations will only continue to skyrocket as customers become more demanding in product/service standards and smarter in their ability to research and compare products/services with others.

When attracting new customers, companies should then concentrate on strategies that offer omnichannel experience to customers when buying a product/service. To do this, follow these three customer acquisition strategies to get you started right.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion optimization involves the practice of boosting the sales or leads percentage from your overall traffic. In other words, the more specific your ideal customer profile is, the better you can improve your content and provide a unique and outstanding user experience in your landing page. But before you determine the things that can boost your conversion rate, make sure to keep tabs on these technical aspects first.

• Page load speed – if you play by Google’s books, two seconds is the threshold for e-commerce site acceptability.

• Correct any broken links and typos – do not forget to look out for any broken links and typos and fix them as soon as you can.

• Responsive design across all devices – you have to ensure that your site is responsive all throughout and across all devices.

Once you have gone through those three steps, that’s the time you can start testing and increasing your conversion rate. CRO is most effective if your team can use both creative thinking and analytical approach. Two of the most common practices include the all-known A/B testing and the abandon cart survey.

Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

Most businesses today are living off on multichannel marketing methods and only a handful have integrated a true omnichannel perspective on their user experience. Often times, people consider multichannel as synonymous to omnichannel and vice-versa when it shouldn’t be the case at all. Multichannel revolves around the success of individual channels while omnichannel marketing is all about customers regardless of the channel they are on. In order to build a real omnichannel experience, your organization has to establish cross-unit marketing teams that have knowledge on both channels. In addition, it is very helpful to create supporting functions for each including customer service, marketing, and IT support.

Customer Recommendations and Referrals

According to a survey, 84% of consumers trust opinions and recommendations coming from word-of-mouth source or published testimonials from other customers. A solid product-market fit combined with a strategic referral strategy can exponentially fuel your customer acquisition and business growth. This could simply mean offering discounts to your customers who can refer your store to their friends. Although monetary reward is more effective, a referral program that has a comprehensive understanding of the perceived product value from customers is much more valuable. In other terms, giving your customers what they love ignites an irresistible urge in them to refer you to their family and friends.


The mentioned strategies should be enough to motivate you in enhancing your own customer acquisition marketing. If you notice, the common element present in those three strategies is building customer empathy. Simply put, companies have to understand the needs, shopping habits and attitudes of customers in order to be successful at acquiring them.

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