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How To Leverage Pinterest When It Comes To Las Vegas SEO

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Did you know that there’s a higher chance of people finding an item they purchase or plan to buy in Pinterest compare to finding and buying it on Facebook? Pinterest is a powerful marketer not just to marketers but also to business owners. Unfortunately, many business owners are not aware of this fact while marketers, on the other hand, have long since discovered the power of Pinterest in product discovery. Having said that, to have your Pinterest content discovered often times depend on your SEO plan. The same way with websites, Pinterest, too, has its own SEO controls in order to stand out from others. And so, here are some tips to help you maximize the use of your business’ Pinterest account.

  1. Switch your Pinterest account to a business type

Aside from the default profile type, which is the regular profile, Pinterest also has a business count that allows easier website verification, analytics, and rich pins. Chances are Pinterest will be releasing even more useful features in the future, so it’s wise to switch now. Also, make sure to optimize the display name of your business. If there is still a room, you can integrate some keywords to increase your chance of having a better ranking on your content for both Pinterest and searches. Keep in mind that the titles show in search results pages are limited to a certain number so if there are too many characters, your title will appear incomplete.

  1. Your pinboards must be search-friendly

Having the most splendid pinboard is useless if you forgot to switch in the search engine visibility in your settings. Although this setting is set as off by default, you may have to check it again since you may have unknowingly turned it on, and if that is the case, then all your Pinterest SEO efforts will be for nothing. You can find this button under the “Search Privacy” heading in your “Account Basics” section of your account settings.

  1. Include valuable keywords in your “About” section

The “About” section in every Pinterest account can be placed with a maximum of 200 characters. It is very crucial since it is one of the first things that are seen by visitors when they visit your profile, thus, you have to make it eye-catching. Make it so that the content is informative, concise, coupled with appealing descriptions, and most importantly, include some of your valuable keywords. After doing all that and you still have a space to spare, put a call-to-action as well. If you’re unsure what keywords to use, you can utilize the Keyword Planner from Google to help you identify useful keywords that are often used while not being too competitive.

  1. Confirm your profile

Confirming your website with Pinterest enables you to gain access to important analytics. To verify your business account, simply go to the ‘edit’ button found on your Pinterest profile, and there you can see the “confirm website” button. Click that and copy the code. After which, update your site’s meta tag, or you can upload an HTML file to your server.

  1. Keep your top popular boards above the fold

It is always ideal to place your most popular boards—or the ones that best describe your business—above the fold so that users will no longer have to scroll down on your profile and look for your boards. Keep them at the top by moving your boards and categorizing your pins.

  1. Use hashtags

While hashtags are more common in the Twitter world, it is not uncommon for Pinterest users to also use hashtags on their pin posts. Hashtags on Pinterest are also beneficial, so in your pinned posts, include at most three hashtags in order to promote user engagement as they browse through hashtags that are in line with their interests. Experiment between topically relevant and trending hashtags in both Pinterest and Twitter to find out which types best suit your audience.

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