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3 Pointers On How To Boost Your E-Commerce Traffic And Sales

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The success of a business lies is determined on how well its products and services are selling—something that requires a solid sales strategy in place.

Sure, there are numerous strategies nowadays that are highly effective in increasing your sales. However, you need to implement them thoughtfully in order for them to work their wonders.

Like any marketing plan, you have to come up with a strategy that will boost your revenues.

This entails changing your current methods and performance issues while developing and implementing new tactics to increase your sales and website traffic.

Below are three pointers on how to do that.

  1. Include social media into the purchase process

Facebook, having the upper hand among all social media platforms, followed by Instagram, are two highly popular networking channels that offer over two times more customer engagement to any brands out there. With billions of active users, Facebook shone the brightest when it comes to user engagement. What’s more, it generates the majority of orders that come from social media campaigns. As an e-commerce store, you can leverage on Facebook to sell your products or services using its very own Facebook store. This store platform can be aligned to your e-commerce store and is considered one of the most effective and affordable ways to enhance your business reach.

  1. Focus on your products’ packaging design

There are a lot of elements in an e-commerce business that some are put on back burner. One of these frequently ignored elements is your packaging design. In the e-commerce world, packaging design plays an important role in the shopping experience of online customers. It has immensely contributed to establishing a brand identity as well as retaining customers according to many new and existing online stores. Another thing to consider in your packaging is the unboxing experience of your customers. As much as possible, integrate some details or components that will further excite them as they unbox your product.

  1. Develop a plan to resolve abandoned carts

You may not know this, but you are likely losing as many as two-thirds of your profits every business day, especially if you’re abandonment rate is alarmingly high. There are plenty of reasons why consumers abandon their shopping carts and to reduce the occurrence of these, you can try out some strategies.

For starters, you can reveal directly the shipping charges and other costs as this is the topmost reason for cart abandonment. Second, fine-tune your checkout process. Keep it short and breezy as possible.

Another great tip is to not force consumers to register in your shop. A decent percentage of consumers tend to leave their carts because of the mandatory registration.

Then you can also try and support more payment methods, especially those preferred ones as this is also one of the main cause of l high cart abandonment rates.

If your customers did leave their carts behind, have a system that will automatically send emails to them and remind them of their almost-purchase.

To take things one level further, have these emails personalized to include the products left in their carts.

You can also offer them a discount code and do not forget to ask them why they chose to abandon their cart to help you improve your ways.

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