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4 E-Commerce Lessons You Can Implement For Your Small Business

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Small online retailers have it hard this year and 2019 isn’t going to be easy as well. With the rising population in the e-commerce space, the playing field just keeps on getting crowded and more competitive as each day goes by. Small businesses have to find out ways on how they can attract consumers with little to no budget. Fortunately, this article talks on four lessons that you can learn from and implement for your small business to flourish and these are as follows;

  1. Create a relevant path to purchase with risk and reward built in

Consumers are getting clever with their purchasing decisions especially when it comes to buying things online. In fact, many of them search your products on the net and try to look for a better price for it. So, when that happens and if, for instance, they find bad reviews, lower price or any other negative factors that will prevent them to buy from you, then you are likely to lose the chances of closing the sale. Thus, it is imperative to educate yourself on how Google works.

The best play would be to dominate search listings from various channels including Amazon, your e-commerce website as well as other relevant platforms. Gather all top listings on your product and adjust your price accordingly.

  1. Sales reminders compel consumers

Establishing a sense of urgency may be an old-school trick, but it still works today. Statements like “limited stock only”, “Exclusive for today only”, or “Buy now!” are still doing its wonders in the e-commerce world, provided, of course, that you can deliver on the promise. Take note of these urgency indicators and other ones that you can find on the net because they are great drivers to close the sale. Display urgency indicators on your online store like the number of stocks available so that consumers are tempted to buy now instead of next day.

  1. Tackle the issue about shortening attention spans

Take advantage of the fact that many people practice impulse buying as this means sales on your part. For many online stores, it is common to generate sales during impulse buying moments such as lunch breaks and the early morning hours before commuting for employees. People buy when they realize that they need something. Brands like yours that sell online have to leverage on this golden opportunity to be at the center especially when such need is the greatest. This could mean getting your site rank high in search for high intent terms like “cheapest gadget” or “best battery replacement free shipping”

  1. Acquire the lost sales from cart abandonment

If you notice your site struggling with getting a high conversion rate on traffic, then there could be wrong with your site because it seems like shoppers are abandoning you for a reason. To avoid these, you can use retargeting, abandoned cart recovery emails or social media follows. Just be sure to provide them with relevant and valuable offers so that for the second time around, they can see a content that is more impactful and compelling, prompting them to buy from you.

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