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Benefits Of Positive Customer Reviews

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In this day and time, customer reviews have become one of the powerful forces in the digital world, specifically SEO. Take it from statistics revealing that 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, 84% trust reviews the same way they trust personal recommendations, and 93% say that reviews play a significant role in their buying decisions. Apart from influencing purchase decisions and affecting your online reputation, customer reviews can affect your search engine optimization. With that in mind, having customer reviews as one of your strategies can help you lift up your brand across the board.

How Reviews Are Used By Customers

Buyers, especially meticulous ones, tend to read through the review section of the websites when they have made up their mind on what they need and hence, is looking for a business or brand to fulfill that need. Upon reading a review, customers make hasty conclusions about whether a product is worth buying or not. Most consumers tend to feel confident enough to trust a business after reading at least four positive reviews while just a single negative review can immediately discourage people to buy.

How Positive Reviews Help Your SEO

And so, here are five benefits that you can get from your customers’ positive reviews with regards to your SEO.

  1. Act as user-generated content

Positive customer reviews serve as your main source of user-generated content about your business, each of which, provides a valuable and trusted source of information. No matter how much self-praise you shower on your business, it won’t create a significant impact because praises from customers hold much more weight. The more positive reviews your company has, the higher the chance of you getting new customers.

  1. Improve keyword traffic

Notice that when customers post reviews, they usually use some kind of language. For instance, they could write phrases like “the best SEO service provider I’ve ever tried.” Consequently, as your company starts to get clicks from review sites that have such phrases, Google and other search engines will also start to associate equate your company with those positive phrases.

  1. Increase social engagement

Social engagement in the digital space refers to the interactions and engagement made on social media. This social engagement can be enhanced by the addition of customer reviews in your social marketing strategy. By displaying how other people think about your products or services, it will help increase your products or services popularity all the while boosting your social engagements as well as overall sales.

  1. Helps establish a highly-rated site that is favored by algorithms

Needless to say, search engine algorithms are inclined to give the highest credits to websites with high ratings. As a result, your ratings can skyrocket with the help of positive customer reviews. Aside from increasing your authority and social proof, positive reviews also contribute to ratings on their own. In fact, review signals amount for almost 10% of the total ranking factors that algorithms based their ranking decisions on.

  1. Provide visible star ratings

If your company is seen on the search results with a gleaming star rating, then people are bound to determine if they trust your products enough to pay a visit to your website. Businesses that have high star ratings accompanied with their name can relish the privilege of a boost in traffic and possibly, increase in sales, too.

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