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Internet Marketing in Portland

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Besides being called “The City of Roses”, the nickname “PDX” which is the airport code for
Portland International Airport has also reached the ears of many local residents. If you live in
Portland or have visited the city in the past, you would notice that its cityscape got most of its
character from the several bridges, which explains its other nickname, “Bridgetown.”

When it comes to Portland’s economy, the technology sector is considered a major component.
In fact, Intel, a computer parts manufacturer is Portland’s largest employer, with over 15,000
people working for the giant tech company. So, bearing those in mind, it’s not much of a surprise
to know that the internet marketing industry is also booming in the Portland city.

The importance of an online presence

Regardless of the nature and size of your business, the internet has already made itself a
necessity for businesses that want to succeed in the 21 st century. A huge portion of consumers
uses the internet to shop and research about certain products or services. Thus, if your Portland
business does not have even an ounce of online presence, then do not be shocked if your business
will fail.

Internet marketing services in Portland, OR

As a premium internet marketing company, we offer quality services when it comes to organic
search engine optimization such as social media, content optimization, traffic monitoring,
keyword research and many more for the Portland area. Our leading-industry internet marketing
techniques have brought so much joy and satisfaction to owners of small, medium and even large

We use data-driven approaches in designing and optimizing the perfect digital marketing mix for
each of your clients. We offer social media, content marketing, SEO, analytics, and so much

Some of the common internet marketing services are…

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine algorithms are infamous for their unpredictable changes and a good Portland
internet marketing agency should be aware of the latest changes and developments in the SEO
world. Instead of using outdated strategies and techniques, a capable Portland SEO company
should be able to employ the latest and advanced methods in improving your online presence
and boosting your site’ ranking.

Social Media Marketing

Social media may seem like a very easy digital marketing component mostly because it is the
most familiar and modernized type but in actuality, it is much beyond just posting and tweeting.
It is a crucial part in supporting all other digital components especially content marketing, SEO
and more. Just like other digital channels, an effective social media marketing also follows a
scientific and systematic process.

Pay Per Click

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is another integral element of the digital mix because it is
interwoven to paid search and social media ads. Similar to all search, SEM is liable to constant
changes. So, your Portland internet marketing service provider should have a team of AdWords
and Analytics certified and updated on the most recent optimization practices. This way, they can
easily help you meet your objectives by incorporating paid search into your digital marketing

Web Design

Your website is the topmost tool that reflects your brand image and attracts potential customers
and business relationships. Moreover, your site has to be capable of engaging visitors and
compelling them to take certain actions.

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