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Jacksonville Search Engine Optimization

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One of the strong points of Jacksonville, Florida is its diverse economy. While the top largest
industries are banking, healthcare, and logistics, other sectors also thrive well in the city and
these include consumer goods, information services, manufacturing, and insurance. And of
course, just like most cities—if not all—in the United States, J-ville is also rich when it comes to
digital marketing and SEO companies.

Many Jacksonville business owners and professionals already know the importance of digital
marketing to their respective companies, however, not all are well-versed when it comes to the
role of search engine optimization (SEO) in the success of their website and business as a whole.

Why is Jacksonville SEO important?

SEO is not only limited to the confines of building quality links and driving organic traffic to
your site by optimizing your web pages. Rather, its influence also stretches up to your other
digital marketing efforts such as paid search and social media marketing. That is because,
through SEO, consumers will find it easier to discover your site when they search for a
product/service that your company sells. With the help of a Jacksonville Search Engine
Optimization company, you don’t need to tire yourself out. They can do all the SEO works for
you and ensure that they can deliver your exact business needs.

The SEO Process

Be reminded that SEO is a constantly growing task, not to mention a challenge for many small
businesses and online based companies. The right Jacksonville SEO company will be able to
give you your desired results that will satisfy your visitors as well as the search engines.

Technical SEO

A technical SEO audit is done to your site in order to find out its weak points and determine how
your SEO company can fix these issues. Such issues usually include your site not getting
properly indexed or your rankings and leads suddenly tanked for some reason unknown to you.

On-page SEO

One of the important parts of on-page SEO is placing certain keywords within your content in
order to boost your web pages with what search engines are looking for. In doing so, it will
increase your site traffic. Aside from this, this process also converts generating fresh content and
a suitable and attractive website layout so that site traffic will come and stay on your site.

A boost in Page speed

Website optimization, specifically, page speed, is one of the top ten factors of Google in
determining the ranking of websites on their search results. So the faster your page loads, then
the lesser the odds of your customers leaving your site and the higher your search rankings

Off-page SEO

There are multiple factors that surround the off-page SEO of your website. These factors include
social signals, open graph meta tags as well as how well your page is viewed when shared on
social media and how your site is displayed in Google.

Local SEO

If your goal is more on improving the local visibility of your site, then local business directories
or citations are excellent ways to do this. There are different levels of directories such as minor
local directories, major general listings, industry or profession-specific citations, and many more.

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