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Why You Need SEO For Your Portland Business

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Portland  is the largest city in Oregon and a major port in the
Willamette Valley. As of 2017’s statistics, Portland is the 26th largest city in the United States
and the second most populous in the Pacific Northwest with an estimated population of 647, 805.

Imagine the number of potential consumers from that enormous population. It would be such a
huge waste for you to pass up the opportunity to build a business in Portland. What’s more, the
‘Rose City’ is home to several Fortune 500 companies, including Nike and Precision Castparts. Technology
and breweries are two of the major industries in the city.

So, if your business belongs to one of those industries or just to any other industries, then you
will surely need SEO for your Portland business. Why? Find out below.

Portland SEO services to improve your site visibility

Anyone who has a functioning website especially one that is mainly used for business operations
understands full well the significance of online visibility. The more competitive your industry or
niche is, then the more important SEO services are to your business’s success.

Hire an SEO agency that is not only results-driven but is also a goal and success-driven in order
to provide you with outstanding quality services for your money. SEO is the key that will bring
success to your business in this digital age we live in.

First, what is SEO?

Not knowing and being unfamiliar with the term ‘SEO’ or Search Engine Optimization is
nothing to be ashamed of. That is perfectly fine especially if you’re new to the business and
digital marketing things.

SEO is a practice used by digital marketers and SEO experts to improve a site’s content, HTML
markup and the overall structure of the website. When developing your web pages, we optimized
those elements so that search engine algorithms can easily understand what your site is about.
Each web page has to be optimized individually for your main target keywords and phrases.
Keywords are queries that are related to your products/services or brand that you want to be
visible for when an online user searches for them.

The importance of SEO

Every effective SEO strategy starts with proper on-page SEO optimization. No matter how much
efforts you’ve exerted and how much money you’ve invested, if your site structure and semantic
markup are incorrectly done, then you may never be able to rank.

Using the incorrect HTML elements to mark up your page content can be fatal to your site’s
ranking and visibility. Another mistake is the use of heading tags to style text. Remember that
these on-site SEO elements are very important as they are essential in defining the content of
your web pages. If done right, search engines can index your web pages and determine content or
keyword that have the most bearing for each page.

We have been in the SEO business even before Google came about
In implementing Portland SEO services your site, we perform the following procedures

1. Ensure your site is optimized for your products or services
2. Check if your site is mobile-friendly and each page’s content uses the right semantic
3. Perform competitive analysis
4. Conduct keyword research
5. Analyze the content of your pages
6. Determine the type of SEO services your business needs

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