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4 Key Traits And Skills To Help Pick Out A Good SEO Specialist

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The digital marketing industry has shifted in more ways than anyone could count and even more so with the SEO profession. As Google continues to alter their algorithms, SEO specialists are scrambling to keep up with the latest practices. Due to the highly competitive environment, some of the most common methods have already lost their effectiveness.

Since many people looked up to Google as a role model, it made sure that it has the best specialists in the world to keep its algorithm free from harmful activities that may damage its search results. However, in the case of other non-Google SEO specialists, they have work on their own to ensure that their websites follow the current algorithm. Having the knowledge of how much algorithm has evolved over time is not enough, but it is also necessary to employ SEO specialists that possess the following traits and skills.

Rational and objective thinking

Working on SEO especially in an environment where your visibility in search results is the major driver of your sales means you know full well how it is to win or lose a higher Google ranking. With that in mind, a good SEO specialist should be able to know the reasons why the website lost or got its Google ranking and the things to be done to solve or benefit from this situation.

Being persuasive in both verbal and written manner

A worthy SEO specialist must be convincing enough to prove their work in such a way that it won’t get in the way of the relationships between their supervisors. In most cases, they have to wait for a while before they can see the results of their labor so the supervisors should know what their SEO specialist is doing, and more importantly, what drove them to do that.

 Technical skills

Excel is probably the most common skills that every SEO specialist must possess. Aside from the basics, they should also master various programs for analyzing impending links and the internal elements of a website and other Google tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. Other highly preferred technical skills include programming skills. Accordingly, the specialist must know and understand the server configuration particularly on how to boost the performance of the website.

Able to learn intelligently on his own and highly motivated

The SEO industry goes through several continuous changes. Along with these changes, artificial intelligence is slowly taking control of the search engine algorithms. Knowing all this as well as the impact of Google AdWords and the diverse environment, SEO specialists and marketers are compelled to continually learn new approaches and educate themselves. Consequently, only an independent individual who has a high motivation can be able to man up to this challenge.

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