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Benefits Of Having A VPN To Your Small Business

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Even though large companies are featured in financial headlines, the fact that majority of the employer firms in the country are small businesses can no longer be denied. While small businesses fair better when it comes to population, they are also more vulnerable to risk with only a half of them can make it beyond five years while a third can survive to ten years. Considering these facts, small businesses should then take the right measures to minimize any potential risk that they may face. One way to do that is to set up a VPN. This is a virtual private network that enables users to use the internet in a more secluded and private manner through an encrypted tunnel. Let us take a look at the four main benefits of VPN in your small business.

  1. Connecting to the company server

Some businesses often required employees to travel somewhere in order to meet with clients and suppliers. Even up to this technological era, there is still the need for face to face meetings and in-person handshakes to properly manage a business and close a deal. Most companies provide resources for their employees to use during business hours including shared documents on a company hard drive, or online applications hosted on a company server. With VPN, it gives employees permission to access those resources even after office hours and outside the workplace.

  1. Continue some business functions even while abroad

A VPN allows employees to still engage in business functions even when he is out of the country. This makes simple tasks like booking a flight much easier. The same holds true for accessing an online bank account which could only be accessed from the country of origin. For example, if they need to purchase merchandises for the company, they can research and place orders by looking at and shopping through the VPN encrypted tunnel. Otherwise, they will have to shop for items that are located in the country that they are currently staying at—not to mention paying for the goods in the local currency of the country they are in.

  1. It can access public Wi-Fi through its own private channel

When traveling away from your workplace, maintaining a connection with your work is essential. The easiest way to do that is to connect to a Wi-Fi provided by local cafes, hotels, or public libraries. However, using public Wi-Fi poses a great danger to your online data since the data transferred are not encrypted. The best play would be not to use them, however, it can be impractical to do so. What many businesses do is to use the public Wi-Fi through their VPN so that they can have a safe and encrypted wireless connection.

  1. It lets you cloak your location

A VPN comes very handy in cases where you are away from home but you have to access services is that available in another country, from within that country itself. So, instead of traveling to that country just to access their internet, you can use VPN to somehow ‘cloak’ your location and lets you experience the internet on that country without stepping away from your office.

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