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Popular and Not-So-Popular Myths About Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is basically built on three components; metrics, analytics, and ROI. But what happens now if the reports that you are basing on for your marketing decisions are no longer effective and binding? While new technologies indeed move at a faster speed when it comes to evolution, the way technology is used also moves fast. Today, the things we considered were common knowledge can possibly become irrelevant tomorrow. To clear some of the misunderstandings, here are five digital marketing myths that you may or may not know already.

  • High bounce rate calls for an emergency solution

Some people don’t really consider this as a myth, however, this matter is best clarified than leave it to confuse people than they already are. Before—and even now for some—people tend to panic when they see that their overall bounce rate has increased. In truth, bounce rate has to be looked at on a page-by-page perspective. If you are seeing your bounce rate from Google Analytics report, then you have to remember that this result is taken in consideration of all of your website’s web pages. This includes your blog posts and landing pages and knowing this, it is entirely normal to have almost 100% bounce rate on landing pages and blog posts. Thus, you don’t have to freak out at all, especially if your website accommodates a large number of blog posts and landing pages.

  • High traffic solves all other problems

It goes without saying that traffic is important. However, there are all kinds of traffic and not all are the good kind. Bad traffic could come in various forms. For starters, it could be traffic from a location that you do not service. So, if you’re a local business and do not sell internationally, getting traffic from other countries won’t help you sell more. Another bad traffic is the bot traffic in general. Of course, you need search engine bots to assess the relevance of your website. Yet, there are plenty of bots that are not from search engines and are still considered as traffic. Having this kind of traffic only twists your actual view on what is really happening on your site.

  • CTR is extremely valuable

Click-through rates or CTR have been positively associated with the success of campaigns and email message. What most people do not know is that CTR is not what it seems to be. It simply shows you the number of people that used a link to visit your site. It does not, in any means, indicate conversions or business impact. Having said that, CTR is imperative when you are using analytics to determine your marketing attribution. Apart from that, CTR on its own is not a metric that offers value and insights.

  • Email marketing is a waste of time and effort

Contrary to popular beliefs, email marketing is quite a marketing weapon when planned and implemented properly. It could immensely improve the growth of your business if you give it a chance. Sure, email marketing can be a pain and even you could go as far as say, it does not work. However, that does not mean that email marketing, in general, does not work. You just have to do it the right way. For starters, you have to let people opt-in to your email list and don’t send to people from a purchased list. Second, do not over send. You have to ensure that the frequency you are sending at is suitable for what your audience wants. Finally, only send information that is relevant to the recipients.  This may prove to be harder while you are still creating your email lists, but ultimately, this will bring you huge dividends.

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