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Reasons Why Your Digital Ad Campaigns Are Not Generating Good Results

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What happens when you’re already using social media platforms and paid ads across several of them but your ads are not exactly getting you the results you desired? Perhaps you’re getting decent results but you’d like a bit more. Your ads could not be the problem. It could be your strategies for multiple advertising platforms that are creating havoc. Or, vice versa.

No matter how much experience you’ve had, novice or seasoned marketer can make similar mistakes in the digital space. To avoid them (or at least a few of them), here are four things that you have to watch out for during the course of your online ad campaigns.

  1. Using the wrong platform

Do not just base your platform preference on what most of your audience use. Rather, you also have to consider what is best for your brand and product or services. Only choose and use the ones that are most sensible for what you are offering. For instance, if your product can solve the pain points of people who are looking for solutions to, then it is ideal to use a search platform like Google Ads. You can also use Bing as it has been growing steadily for years now.

On the other hand, if your products are best showcased through demonstrations or if your services have something valuable to teach to your audience, then those are good reasons to create a video promotion on YouTube and other popular video streaming websites. Then there’s also paid ads on Facebook and Instagram for other products that are not many people search for and those that do not lend itself to video.

  1. Having ads that drive traffic to your competitor’s platform

Okay, so the scenario is you have posted a product video in your YouTube account. Now you want to have many people see it so you purchase a couple of ad space on Facebook. At first glance, you’d think it’s an excellent idea, however, when you think about it, it’s could completely throw you off your game. According to studies, ads that try to send users to a competing platform are more liable to poor performance.

  1. Targeting audience using several specifics

While it is entirely possible to be very general when targeting your audience like using a too general search term such as “bed frame”, this won’t do any good for your website. Having a too general search term will most likely cause your ads to be completely inconspicuous since large companies with more advanced marketing strategies will simply outbid you. If you are using search platforms like Google, look for a collection of search terms that amount to a minimum of few millions of searches per month.

  1. Using the same ad for a long time

Many small businesses create an add then run it for quite some time. When they are satisfied with the results, they usually do not log in again for the next month or so. However, all platforms perform best when you monitor or tweak them at least weekly. That is when you can see if your ad starts losing its value.

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