Thursday, April 18, 2019

Small Businesses Advice When Entering The Digital Marketing Space

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The number of opportunities that come with digital is brimming that it is no wonder how many businesses are scurrying to go digital. Even more so in the case of small and medium-sized business carrying the hope that digital marketing is the key to their great success. While that may be true, it takes more than a few efforts and planning to properly embrace it. And so, here are some of the important things that small businesses have to keep in mind when they enter the digital space.

  1. Online presence and outreach

Perhaps the two most important aspects of a solid digital marketing plan are the brand’s presence and its outreach. Presence meaning the standing of your brand in the digital space, which includes things like websites, social media accounts, and content that your brand creates and distributes online. An effective online presence is more than where your brand is in the digital space. It also encompasses on what your brand says. This includes the tone of voice, your way of communication to your audience, and most importantly, your consistency across all digital channels are essential.

That said, a great digital presence is not enough. Instead, it should be coupled with digital outreach. Through outreach, it means the actions you take to reach your customers. This also entails being present in any digital channels that your audiences are ‘hanging out’, communication and engaging them to take actions towards your brand. Digital outreach also covers areas like SEO, paid ads, influencer marketing, and content marketing.

  1. Social media is free but not social media marketing

True, you can create numerous social media accounts without paying a single centavo. However, that is not the case with social media marketing. While social media is free, social media marketing, on the other hand, requires expertise and influence. Managing your social media accounts and using them as a means to market your brand and products is not as easy as creating social media accounts. In order to effectively nurture your presence on social media and generate impactful content to reach your customers, you need to have a sound social media marketing and a couple of investments in advertising.

  1. Seek the service of external digital marketing experts

Indeed, the digital world opened a vast number of opportunities for businesses, however, it can be complex, puzzling and even overwhelming for a beginner who is only getting his way around it. Instead of losing time and money just to fail in your digital journey, it is wiser to get help from experts who can effectively guide you on what directions you should go for. For a small investment of hiring an expert, your business can flourish and help you achieve even greater results by optimizing the use of digital.

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