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Things That You Have To Let Go Of When You Start A Small Business

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Running a small business is like having your own child. You have to take care of it especially in its early phases. It requires constant care and attention as much as a baby does, except, it doesn’t take naps. Or better yet, you can’t simply hire a babysitter to take care of it for a day or two. And so, in this article, I will discuss the things that you most probably have to give up if you decide to start your own small business. This is not a comprehensive kind of list, but rather, at the very least, it can give you an idea of what to expect when you decide to go all in.

  1. Job security

If we could choose what time do we go in for work and the time to clock out, then it would be so much better, right? I mean, in all honesty, no one loves working from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon and even more so to those entrepreneurial type of people because they have this hostility towards clocking in and clocking out. On a positive note, clocks are dependable. You don’t get confused on what it’s telling you. So long as you maintain it regularly, then 10 am means 10am every single day.

The same holds true with a regular job. You get two paychecks in a month. You visit your doctor if you need to. You can take a vacation leave and bask in the warmth of the sun, simply because you are a fragment of a smooth-running machine that will do just fine even with your temporary absence. However, that is not the case with a small business. In fact, at the first few months or so, you’d probably not get a paycheck. Sometimes you put off going to a physician because you have many things to do that you’ll end up being sick for days. Even vacations are the farthest thing in your mind already.

  1. Social life

Do you know some parents who are constantly thinking about their kids and cannot seem to stop droning on and on about how good or bad their children are? Well, embrace yourself because you may have to join the club of annoying parents. However, in your case, you’re taking care of your business, not your child. You won’t be mentally present when you’re hanging out with your friends. Your date will feel like a third wheel. You’ll obsessively discuss the challenges until your partner gets tired. Why? Because you have a small business.

  1. Well-being

A person can never be comfortable, happy, and healthy if he or she battles with perpetual stress. Even the part where you get your small business off the ground already requires you so much effort and time. Growing it will only add to your physical and mental stress. Some people even end up having sleepless nights because they cannot seem to stop thinking about work-related matters.

  1. Recreation time

Are you the kind of person who loves to binge-watch TV series? Or perhaps, you like playing video games? Maybe, you love partying all night with your friends? If not, you probably love to read books in one sitting. Suffice it to say, having a small business means you have to give up those precious time of yours. Any recreation activity that you used to enjoy before without caring about time will be a once in a blue moon. Even after you have established your business, you will still need to schedule your reaction time carefully.

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