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Top 6 SEO Tools For Beginner Online Marketers

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Search engine optimization plays an important role in every business or organization. The thing
is, SEO comprises of so many aspects, so it’s better if you go through these aspects—such as the
SEO practices and strategies—in segments, rather than taking it all in in one go. This article will
be discussing six SEO tools that you can kick start with for your new business.


In building a list of keywords for your website, you can actually use one of Google’s tools,
which is the Google Keyword Planner, however, it will require you to have an AdWords
account. For those who are still new, you may not have this account yet, so your best bet would
be to use SEMrush. It is a long-term tool and is a great alternative for Google Keyword Planner.
SEMrush’s main function is to find out the advertising strategies and budgets of your
competitors and at the same time, identifying the keywords that proved to be valuable to them.
Other detailed information that you can gather through this tool includes cost-per-click, trends,
volume, long tail keywords, and more. Lastly, SEMRush is also capable of determining the
common keywords used by the top 100 domains for a certain search query on Google and Bing.
Synonyms and suggestions for those keywords will also be available.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free marketing tool offered by Google that will track and report detailed
analysis on your website traffic. This tool is commonly used for assessing a website’s
performance from the data gathered about your visitors, traffic, bounce rate, and so much more.
If you need help with using Google Analytics, you can look for online courses in Google to get
you started smoothly.

Google Webmaster Tools

This tool is a more comprehensive one than Google Analytics meaning it can break down your
website’s data into parts that are far easier to understand. It can show you information about your
link traffic, keywords, and crawl errors. Google Webmaster Tools is free and you just have to
verify that you’re the owner of the website, then you’re good to go.


Cyfe gathers all the online marketing analytics you have and combine them in one dashboard,
which makes it easier for you to go through all your information in one place. This tool can also
be used to create a report and add custom data sources like customized widgets or APIs.


Mozbar is another online marketing service that comes in a form of a browser extension. It
enables you to have an on-page access to instant metrics and site analysis tools. Since it is an
extension, you can conveniently locate it on your browser’s toolbar making it easy to generate a
report on any website.


If you’ve already got a grasp on your onsite SEO, you can now safely proceed to a more
thorough auditing of your website or those of your competitors with Majestic’s tools. It features
the ability to analyze a website’s ‘trust flow.’ Trust flow in Majestic’s definition is a score that is
measured from the traffic you got from a link, how relevant a linking site is, and the links that
are connected to your website. Determining how much trustworthy a website will also help you
decide whether you want to be associated with that website. Majestic also makes it possible to
analyze the number of links and the kind of links your competitors have scored.

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