Monday, September 17, 2018

11 Online Marketing Tools Every Marketer Can Use

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A good marketer is considered as such if he/she has a collection of tools they use to heighten
online marketing campaigns. Considering the surge of data and the emergence of several
marketing tools on the market, as a marketer yourself, you may find it difficult to determine
which tools will come in handy in whatever marketing aspect you are targeting. Below is a list of
digital marketing tools from various aspects that I think will be very useful for your online
marketing campaigns.

Website and SEO tools

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is considered one of the most commonly used tools that will allow you to track
just about anything on your website. These include the traffic you are getting and where those
come from, your visitors and their respective locations along with the devices they are using to
visit your website, and so much more.

2. Hotjar

One good way to generate sales is by learning what users like and what they do not like about
your website. Hotjar can help you with because it enables you to know what are your visitors’
likes and dislikes through recordings, heat maps, and more. You can also opt to use poll and
survey questions to incorporate on your website without adding to the burden.

3. Similar Web

Wishing you have a tool that lets you see the estimated traffic on your website? Similar Web is
exactly what you are wishing for. Aside from the estimated traffic, it also gives you the traffic
sources, countries, and a basic concept of the keywords that websites use for in ranking.

4. Website Grader

From the name itself, Website grader allows you to grade or measure your website according to
some main metrics like your website’s performance, page speed, responsiveness, SEO, and so
much more.

5. Test My Site (Think with Google)

Test My Site is a tool that you can use to know your mobile website speed test. What’s more, it
gives you recommendations that you can take in order to improve your website performance for
all devices.

Advertising platforms

6. Google AdWords

Coming from the powerful search engine that is Google, Google AdWords is a popular means of
putting up online advertising for search and display network ads.

7. Google Keyword Tool

Google Keyword Tool exists within Google AdWords meaning it is a special feature that enables
you to see the average monthly search volume for a certain keyword together with the
competition and the recommended bid.

8. Facebook Business Manager

Known as one of the biggest and most influential social media networks, Facebook is a great
place for you to target ads in accordance with your marketing objectives and target market with
the help of Facebook Business Manager tool.

9. Twitter Ads Manager

In the context of Twitter, another highly reputable social media network, you can use Twitter
Ads that has campaign measurement tools and analytics to assist you in tracking how well and
bad your ads are doing on Twitter.

Website Design Tools

10. MockingBird

MockingBird helps you create and share design wireframes for landing pages.

11. AdParlor

As for AdParlor, it serves as mock-up generator for social media networks like Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest allowing you to easily mock up a post from any of those
networks across devices.

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