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Online Marketing Strategies For Local Businesses

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You’d be surprised by how many people still don’t have a good marketing plan for their
business. These businesses—especially those small and local businesses—are content with only
referrals as their method of promoting their products and services. While we can’t deny the fact
that these tactics can generate leads, it’s highly doubtful that referrals or word-of-mouth are the
only strategies that will help a business grow and attract more clients, especially now that the
internet has entered the equation. In fact, digital marketing services are becoming high on
demand, and one could go as far as say, it is a must-have for all businesses in today’s marketing

Outbound Marketing

Did you know that there are still financial advisors that make use of phone calls and direct mails
to gather new clients? Yes, as unbelievable as it may sound, they still exist nowadays. It is a fact
that these tactics are already more than two decades old and such old styles don’t offer the same
effectiveness today. Cold calling strangers and giving out thousands of fliers and brochures make
it necessary for advisors to contact investors in order to be productive. That is exactly why
outbound marketing is labeled as interruption marketing because most investors find the
process to be a nuisance. No matter where you look at it, whether it is through cold calls, fliers, or
seminars, there’s no hiding the fact that only a very small percent of those people who receive
the call, read the fliers, and attended the seminar can be actual customers.


Once the advisors came to a realization about outbound marketing’s downsides, most of them
resort to referrals as their next sole marketing strategy. However, referrals alone do not give you
a stable influx of clients. Imagine how many people one customer can refer. Besides, there’s not
even a guarantee that each customer can produce another customer. This is why advisors find
themselves losing their clients, hence, eventually completely taking out referral as their
marketing strategy.

Social advertising (inbound advertising)

When we say social advertising, we mean inbound marketing in a more specific sense, or simply
put, the opposite of outbound marketing. This time, inbound marketing revolves around the
theory of investors initiating the contact with financial advisors, instead of the other way around.
In most cases, investors look for good advisors on the internet and hire the most suitable advisor
for the job while inbound marketing functions by ensuring that potential clients or investors can
easily find these advisors. With the way the internet has made such a ruckus in the marketing
world, an inbound marketing is now a must today. However, one of the biggest downsides is that
several of the methods in inbound marketing requires paid ads, which means you need to have a
rather reasonable budget. Paid ads can include magazine, radio, TV ads, and advertisement place
in search engines like Google.


So, what do you think is the most efficient marketing type? Each type of marketing has their own
disadvantages, but what’s important is that your financial advisor knows which type works best
for your business notwithstanding the downsides. If planned and implemented properly, digital
marketing service, whatever kind they are, can help your business flourish.

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