Saturday, January 20, 2018

Google – Do You Love It or Love To Hate It

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When you sit down to talk to internet marketers about Google, there are usually three different opinions; those who love it, those who hate it and those who just love to hate it. What do I mean by that?

Get into a discussion about Google with a seasoned internet marketing veteran and you will soon discover the definite dividing lines. For those, like me, who love Google and all of the products and services they offer, chances are you will discover that they are making a decent living from everything that is offered to them. From SEO to Adwords and Adsense to the webmaster tools, there are so many useful applications that you can put into practice and become successful online. The trouble is, you have to be able to follow rules, put in the time and energy and really make a business from your efforts. Those who are able to do that generally love Google.

Then you talk to the next fraction and they truly hate it. Most often though, you find out that at one time they were making some pretty decent money using at least a portion of what Google has to offer, but then in the next breath, it was all taken away from them. Yanked out from under their feet with no warning and no means of redemption. Typically, these are people who are constantly trying to outsmart the search engines, bending the rules until finally they snap. At that point Google slaps them hard and takes everything they have worked so hard on away leaving them at a loss to know what went wrong. The funniest thing is, even though they hate it, they still will use some of the products, at least the ones they have not been banned from yet.

Then the last group of people are the ones who sit on the fence somewhere in the middle. They know what opportunities Google is offering them, but they haven’t quite figured out how to put the puzzle together yet. So they love and hate it at the same time. It is these people who are on the brink of either going one way or the other. If I have to give anyone bit of advice it would be to knuckle down, do the work, abide by the rules and eventually it will pay off.

When you start trying to take shortcuts, trying to find ways around the rules and basically, getting lazy, that is when you will get into trouble. I would venture to guess that almost everyone who is trying to make money from the internet, unless you are an absolute newbie, already has the knowledge about how to do it, what they lack is the drive and ambition to actually do the work.

If you are an absolute newbie and you need tips and information, go to someone who is making money from Google to learn from. Don’t have a mentor who cannot follow rules as he will take you down that same path he has walked. The fact is that Google owns about 70% of all search traffic and cutting your business off from that is pure madness.

So for those of you who love to hate Google, it is time to make a decision. Do you or do you not want to succeed? Success only comes with hard work and doing things right the first time. Because with Google, there is no second chance. It is one or the other.

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