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4 Apps That Will Be Of Great Help To San Jose Business Owners

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Life, as we all know it these days, is now submerged with apps. In fact, there’s an app for almost everything from things like hotel bookings and translations for travelers to wellness apps like daily yoga workout and meditation. What’s more, small business owners in San Jose, CA can also partake in this “era of apps.” And so, here are some apps that will be very useful when running your small business. Take a look at the ones that you think is/are suited to your needs.

  1. HoursTracker (for time-tracking)

For startups and small businesses, HoursTracker is great for you. Even freelancers can make use of this app to help keep track of their working hours. This app assists you in monitoring the hours spent on various projects separately as well as help you track your pay as it can be configured with several pay rates. The features of this app vary on the version you are using. For instance, the free version allows you to monitor three jobs and three weeks of work. For paid versions, it comes in two kinds. The Personal version that gives you unlimited entries for a maximum of five jobs and the Pro version that offers unlimited entries and unlimited jobs.

  1. Invoice by Wave (for billing and invoicing)

If you’re looking for an invoice service that is unlimited, then you can go with the Invoice by Wave app. It is perfect for small businesses, contractors, and freelancers to help manage their bills and invoices. This app records details about your clients and can be set to give you reminders on when invoices have to be sent. Moreover, it can also automatically send invoices as well as receipts. What’s more, you can make use of credit card processing for quicker payments through Wave Payments, which will deduct a certain amount for each transaction since the app itself is already for free.

  1. Trello (for project management and collaboration)

Trello is a project management app that facilitates a smoother collaboration between single business owners or small businesses that employ multiple employees as they work together as a team on several tasks. This app not only has customized workflows and checklists but can also be uploaded with photos, work offline, assign tasks, and many more. Trello can be easily integrated with other platforms and services including Google Drive and Dropbox. The free version already offers promising services, however, you can have yours upgraded to Trello Gold to get more bells and whistles.

  1. MailChimp (for mailing lists management)

MailChimp is an app used for managing mailing lists and has referred itself as the world’s largest marketing automation platform. Apart from managing your mailing lists, this app also can develop marketing campaigns by offering integrated ad campaigns that you can run on websites such as Instagram and Facebook. In addition, it generates performance reports for your efforts to help you make some adjustments to achieve a better performance next time around. Lastly, it offers templates that can meet some of your needs and can be used for free.

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