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Why Some Online Advertising is a Mess Now

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In most cases, a typical person doesn’t like to be assaulted with ads, especially if it’s the kind of ads that are nonsensical to them and will not solve any of their problems.

As a matter of fact, approximately 85% of people shy away from websites that contain unsavory advertisements.

Even on televisions, public transports, or roaming around town, people are constantly bugged with ads, but what’s even worse is the case on the internet.

The matters are getting out of hand and the internet is swarming with advertising it seems like it’s going to burst out at any moment.

Remember a time when you were browsing your favorite blog, or social media website then suddenly there are all these desperate ads getting in your way.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. And if that’s not even enough, many of these ads are completely irrelevant and random. What a way to ruin your day, huh?

These days the ads are getting larger in number especially now that we have enormous user coverage companies like Facebook and Google.

Not only this strategy is becoming a nuisance to website owners, but it’s also becoming a pain in the neck for ad companies and content writers.

On top of that, the only parties who can reap off the benefits are the big channels themselves for they can earn massive ad revenues because of these methods.

The common problems with online advertising

A large portion of the profits of Google and Facebook mainly come from gathering information about their users. While they deny the claim that this information is not traded to ad companies, it still can’t negate the fact these are used to help ad companies nail down and modify their advertising.

This data is rather useful because it allows advertisers to know the likes of their users, what they usually search for, as well as their hobbies, interests, and so much more.

Theoretically speaking, it gives them the leverage to accurately create ads so that potential customers can easily see from them the things that they want to buy.

However, in practice, this does not work the same way it is in theory. In fact, it just creates problems for almost every parties involved. Here are the reasons as to why this happens;

Users usually are bombarded with bothersome ads that they could care less. These ads are mostly formatted in a messy and impersonalized way like the way banner ads are structured.

Moreover, even after how Facebook and Google have squeezed out all the benefits from the user data they have, users, on the other hand, don’t get compensated even the slightest.

What’s even frustrating is that users cannot do anything about how their personal data are being shared and used

Advertising companies often end up targeting the wrong kind of people with their advertising, which results in users having to face irrelevant ads. Hence, it can only be concluded that some ad companies are paying a hefty amount to target uninterested people.

Content creators spend so many hours generating posts and creating videos and images just to have something relevant to share online on various platforms like Facebook and Google.

Of course, since these contents aim to reach the target audience, it only attracts traffic that is needed to sell ad space and yield earnings for big platforms. Again, the creator’s role to this is being depreciated giving them inadequate rewards.

As unfair as it sounds, it cannot be taken out that we pretty much have a messed up system where those with important roles are not compensated enough while the tech giants who got the most benefits are becoming richer and powerful.

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