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How is Instagram the Future of E-Commerce

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Have you heard of the saying that Instagram is the modern day catalog? Many experts
and digital marketing pros agree with this. Why? This is because many brands and companies
today now use Instagram to present themselves using stunning imagery or behind-the-
scenes video clips that take their audiences on a remarkable journey.

The role of Instagram in the E-commerce Landscape

Instagram as the modern catalog appeals to consumers because this tool presents them
brands that contain relevant information they are looking for. However, the one thing
that truly makes Instagram an incredibly powerful tool is its ability to allow
consumers to buy products that interest them.

With the newfound ability to discover and consume, Instagram is indeed a powerful
platform for both brands and shoppers. Thanks to its focus on visual discovery,
Instagram opens up a great opportunity for an immersive and detailed shopping
experience. If you seriously think about the organic shopping opportunities available
today and the popularity of Stories format, you will clearly see the path Instagram has
taken on. In other words, the future of social commerce is in the hands of Instagram.

Instagram caters to many niches

In fact, at present, Instagram is a highly well-known tool when it comes to things like
food, beauty, fashion, and travel destinations. The commendable thing about this
platform is that it continues to innovate and design new features to keep up with other
powerful social platforms in the current competitive environment.

Why is Instagram the future of e-commerce brands?

Considering its user base, one could say that Instagram has significantly enhanced its
e-commerce game by never stopping in building out its shopping features. To be
specific, users can now shop on videos that show up in their feeds and save certain
products to their shopping collection. And because of these features, the way e-
commerce brands use Instagram dramatically shifted. As long as your products
continue its high quality and your ads stay relevant, Instagram is the future of your e-
commerce brand.

Before, Instagram was used by many brands as a mere destination to promote their
products. Brands would then direct users to a link in their Instagram bio, lead them to
a shopping page, and eventually down the funnel to the shopping cart. However,
today, consumers can directly find products via Instagram Stories, making it easier for
them to shop. Presently, Instagram stories are destinations for around 400 million
accounts across the world and they offer to consumers quicker access to product
information and simpler shopping journeys.

Apart from the seamless shopping experiences within the Instagram app, it will be
more exciting to witness consumers creating a curated list of preferred brands. This
way, they’ll have a more efficient shopping experience on Instagram. Looking into the
future the way in which this platform allows its users to engage with other users in the
context of shopping should be a key factor of how this experience scales.

In creating products and building platforms, brands often consider how consumers
engaged with these tools. For Instagram, it is obvious from the data that this social
media platform is observing that brands and companies have embraced it. Due to
Instagram’s great job at understanding consumer behavior and ensuring that its
platform won’t interrupt the overall customer experience, modern-day shopping has
become seamless and more convenient.

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